Carl’s Unprotected Takes: Carmella and the story that WWE wants to tell

So Carmella won the second ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match,after the first MITB was retconned on the very next episode of Smackdown. Fan backlash over James Ellsworth basically winning the first match caused WWE to take it back and redo the entire thing, but with Carmella winning clean as a whistle.

This is something I’ve noticed during my brief time watching wrestling: should the WWE be the ones telling the story, or should the fans be telling the WWE the story they want to be told? The answer is complicated. Shall we?

Let the WWE tell you a story

Example: Carmella and MITB

Carmella’s MITB victory is clearly a story that the WWE wants to tell the fans. I doubt that the WWE wanted to retcon the victory originally, and allow her to claim the MITB briefcase. But some fans (myself included) weren’t happy about a man winning the first women’s MITB.

Note: I didn’t enjoy WWE retconning the victory. Don’t go back on your decision, stand with it. Even Eric Bishoff said that taking back the victory was a bad move, and he would know a thing or two about bad booking.

Her clean win on Smackdown Live is a giant middle finger to any fans who wasn’t about Carmella winning in general. The WWE clearly has big plans that they want to see happen, and I’m very curious to see how the whole thing plays out. How the story has already played out has piqued my interested in how the rest of the story will be told, in a time when the whole Women’s Revolution is (lets be honest) petering out and the division is being shown marginally less and less respect every week, with all the women crammed into one segment, and nobody gets to explore their own character. I digress.

The fans tell the WWE the story they want to see

Example: Daniel Bryan

The WWE screwed over Daniel Bryan for far too long before realizing that the fans would soundly reject any story that didn’t involve Daniel Bryan coming out on top. Hell, Rey Mysterio got booed as the 30th entrant to the Royal Rumble when he came out in the 2014 Royal Rumble. The fans then took over the 2015 Royal Rumble when Bryan was eliminated, hijacking the match with chants and boos for everyone else.

When Mysterio got heat for being the last entrant in the 2014 Rumble, the WWE should have taken note that it was Bryan’s time. No other wrestler has been over the way he was in the modern era, sure, but there was no way to bring Bryan back down the card without completely ruining the main event. The fans were irreversibly in Bryan’s corner, and nothing that the WWE did could change that.

So what could the WWE really do? Continue with whatever plans they wanted to do and let the fans boo the building to the ground? Not really. But why is this a good example, if the WWE had their hands tied? Because when WWE finally told the story the fans wanted to hear, it became one of the best moments in WrestleMania history.

Where does that leave us?

The WWE story vs. the fan story will always depend on the situation. The right guy at the right time is absolutely worth the WWE telling the story the fans want to hear. However, if the story and those involved with these stories aren’t particularly over (sorry Carmella/women’s division), the let the WWE tell you the story. There’s nothing right now on the card that the fans are super hot to see (except Big Cass, and it seems the fans and the WWE are on the same page there), so stop complaining.


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