Carl’s Unprotected Takes: Golden Truth Buildup

Despite the fact that we’ve seen pretty much the video packages week in and week out, the buildup for Goldust vs R-Truth has been one of the best things on RAW.

It’s different than the rest of the show, similar to the Fashion Files (don’t get me wrong, the Fashion Files are far superior). It’s refreshing to see that the WWE telling a story outside the ring, rather than consistent physical encounters. It makes the build seem that much more…natural. When Goldust or R-Truth is on the screen, it feels like we’re exploring the character that’s on the screen, not just talking smack to each other.

The more you look at the booking, the better it becomes. The two have been trading movie quotes for weeks, and the first action between the two was in Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood. In fact, I think Goldy walking to the ring and beating up Truth was a misstep in the story. I would have rather seen them trade quotes once more while Goldust tells us how he needs to reclaim the spotlight for himself.

Truth is a bit less interesting because he’s simply out for revenge, but he’s become a much more serious character. Truth has been pretty much a comedy act since I started watching a few years ago, but I’ve sensed that he can be a ruthless character if pushed in the right direction. I’m about to show how green I am when it comes to watching wrestling, but I’ve been watching since the WWE Network launched. I didn’t see Truth as the US Champion in 2010, or the Tag Champ with Kofi in 2012. I missed most of Goldust’s career, straight up.

As a generally new fan, it’s been nice to be re-introduced to these characters in a different way. Almost in the way that Mankind was introduced before his ring debut in the WWE. I honestly can’t remember any characters who have been explored in the same way. Obviously, it’s not overly in depth, but if the WWE wants to explore any other characters, I’d love to see more of this. Maybe it’s the advantage of having two experienced wrestlers who know what they’re doing, but the booking between these two has been a great change of pace.